When selecting a contractor it is important to know as much a possible.

We went ahead and put together some questions that you should ask before choosing a roofing contractor and provided our answers.

How long have they been in business?
Bonn Roof Care has been serving the Willamette Valley since 1982

What do customers and suppliers have to say about the company?
We invite you to view our testimonials on whirLocal.

You can find out about a company’s history and how any concerns have been resolved.
Call the Construction Contractors Board, 503-378-4621, or visit their website at www.ccb.state.or.us.

Also, the Better Business Bureau provides information on businesses, www.thebbb.org, or call 503-226-3981.

Are the contractor and crew trained professionals who stand behind their work and do they represent established manufactures and quality materials?
Improper or inexperienced installation voids warranties and results in blown off shingles and leaks. Bonn Roof Care continually trains our employees in the latest techniques and products. We select and represent only the highest quality manufactures and meet or exceed their exacting standards of installations. Our roofs have withstood the test of time and are backed by some of the longest warranties in the industry. Bonn Roof Care offers a labor warranty for 5 years.