Q: Is removing my old roof required?

A: Not always, but it is usually best. Primarily, it aids in assessing the condition of the roof’s substructure. It is not uncommon for us to find unknown dry rot and pest infestation at the time of tear off. With the roof removed, these problems can be addressed right at the source. Please note that any irregularities in the existing roof will more than likely show through new roofing. With some types of roofing, local building codes limit the number of layers allowed.

Q: Can I have my roof done in the winter or during bad weather?

A: Bonn Roof Care does roofing all year round. It usually only takes 3-6 hours to actually tear off the existing roof and apply water tight felt paper. Start to finish, a roof is usually completed in 2-3 days. The new roof itself can often be installed during inclement weather.

Q: Are your estimates free and how long are they valid?

A: Estimates are free and they are good for 15-30 days. Past 15 days it is best to call us and ask if a re estimate is needed. Often an estimate is good beyond 30 days depending on the type of estimate. Roofing estimates are only good for 15 days due to the rising costs of materials.
You are welcome to call for an appointment, an estimate, or complete our convenient on-line estimate request form.

Q: My roof is pretty flat, what are my options?

A: We consider a “flat” roof to be a pitch of 3/12 or less. There are methods available to apply standard roofing to lower pitches. Special water proofing underlayments may be applied or maybe a membrane roof would suit your needs. After assessing your situation we would be more than happy to advise you on the best options

Q: I have always had a moss problem, what can I do to solve this?

A: By hand removing the moss only on the edges and keyways, as opposed to the surface of the shingles, it does not disturb the protective granules. We also apply a moss barrier to deter the moss from growing for an average of 2 years, depending on the surroundings of your roof, such as trees, shade and weather.
It is not recommended to pressure wash or use a broom to sweep off the moss, this disturbs the granules on a composition roof and can void your warranty.

Q. What sort of warranty do you carry?

A: Bonn Roof Cares labor warranty is for five years. Roofing materials warranty is only as good as it’s manufacturer. Some manufacturer’s have an upfront warranty for the first through fifth year, they will pay for labor and materials to replace any defective shingles. The roof must be installed to a manufacturer’s specifications to qualify for the waranty. Please note that most warranties are not transferable to new owners our Bonn Roof Care five year workmanship warranty is transferable to new property owners (one time)

Q: I am planning to have my home re-roofed soon but am very concerned about my landscaping being damaged. What assurances do you have for these concerns?

A: Bonn Roof Care has developed techniques for eliminating 99.9% of the roofing debris from reaching the ground. We understand your concerns and we take great pride in leaving your property and landscaping in pristine condition.

Q: Is it still possible to get #1 Heavy Shakes?

A: Absolutely. We buy direct hand-split, re-sawn and edge trimmed shakes from one of the last quality shake mills in Oregon. The grain is tight and straight. Roof life expectancy is 25-30 years.

Q: What is the difference between a fiberglass laminate and 3-tab shingles?

A: A laminate is composed of two shingle strips glued together in a way that creates a random appearance. They are rated for 25, 30, 40 and 50 years depending on the quality and thickness. The weight per square is much greater than a 3-tab type. The 3-tab shingle is a one layer, flat shingle. It has vertical keyways (slots) across it to create its pattern. It is available in 25 and 30 year ratings.

Q: My roof seems to be leaking and it is NOT raining. Why?

A: Condensation is most likely your problem. Vaulted ceilings are prone to this problem and may need to be vented, if possible, at the ridge and eaves. A moist crawl space can produce 20 gallons of water vapor per 1000 square feet and should be covered with 6-mil visqueen. Also, plants, bath fans, and other humidity all contribute to condensation problems. Another possibility could be plumbing leaks from toilets or sinks and the piping that connects to them.

Q: I would like to pressure wash my tile or shake roof. Any advice?

A: We would be happy to give you a free estimate to pressure wash your tile or shake roof. We would send one of our Estimator’s out to assess your roof to see if your tile or shake roof could withstand pressure washing depending on age and condition of your roof pressure washing could further deteriorate your tile or shake roof, If pressure washing is not an option we would go over with you the other options we have for removing moss.

Q: I have an existing shake/composition roof and would like to go with tile now, will my structure support it?

A: Many existing roof substructures will support a new tile roof. Engineering specialists are consulted to ensure proper framing is present or could be added.