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“We Care! Bonn Roof Care is an earth-friendly organization. Our team includes a chemical researcher who continually assesses our processes, products and services to meet the most rigid of environmental safety standards.

” We specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of composition roofs, wood shake, wood shingles, concrete tile, clay tile and barrel tile. Our unique and efficient technique has established a reputation for the company as being a leader in the industry. From initial contact with the customer, to on time completion of the job and everything in between, Bonn Roof Care is there every step of the way. Our customers are very important to us and exceeding customer satisfaction is our #1 goal! The cleaning and maintenance of your roof was established to help lengthen and maintain the life of your roof. ”

Annual roof maintenance schedules are customized for your roof style and needs. Everybody knows what moss is and how ugly it can get but, few people understand why or how it grows and the damages it can cause to not only your roof, but your home as well. Dirt and debris build-up is the foundation for moss growth. In the Pacific Northwest, rain carries this dirt and debris build-up from surrounding trees and vegetations creates the breeding ground for moss. During rainstorms, this prevents the water from shedding properly and promotes leaks. After the rain stops, the moss and debris keeps the surface from drying, which promotes the growth of roof-rotting organisms which deteriorates the life of your roof.

Lack of roof maintenance is one of the main reasons that our national average for roof service life is at 12 years. Some of the options we include with the Roof Cleaning are as follows: Moss Barrier, Wood Preservative and Black Fungus Cleanser. At an additional charge, we can install hinged gutter guards, wash skylights, install downspout baskets, pressure wash concrete, wash house siding and the exterior of gutters. For any of these services, including your moss removal needs, call our office and we’ll get you scheduled for a free estimate/evaluation.

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